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General Hero Point Powers

Act out of turn

You may take your turn immediately. Move your initiative to just after the last entity to act. You may only take a move or standard action on this turn.

Extra action

You gain an additional standard or move action this turn


You gain a valuable piece of insight about a current situation


You regain uses of expended spells for that day. For spell points, regain ¼ your maximum spell point total. Otherwise, you regain approx. ¼ your total spell allotment, as approved by the DM.

Second Wind

You regain half your maximum hit point total on your turn. Negative hit points are counted against this total. If you were unconscious, you come to immediately and can take your full round of actions.

Special Act

You can attempt an action that would normally be impossible. Success is not guaranteed and will require a roll determined by the DM. Possibilities include (but are not limited to): casting a spell higher level than you have access to, making an attack that bypasses DR or special defenses, adding a specific critical die to an attack, or using a diplomacy check to talk down a raging dragon. No inspiration points may be added to the roll, and the difficulty of said roll will be determined before the point is spent.

Cheat Death

(2 hero points) A player may avoid the death of their character or a character under their control (familiar, animal companion, special mount, henchmen, etc.) subject to DM approval. How this plays out is up to the DM, but generally the character is left alive, with negative hit points and stable.

Point Exchange

You may exchange 1 hero point for 4 inspiration points. These points are held in reserve and not counted when returning inspiration points at the end of a session.

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