Deities in Asteria
While most cultures have their own pantheon, associating different gods with different domains it is not unlikely for one deity to exist in another pantheon with other names and sometimes even domains.
The deities of Asteria are omnipresent even if not all of them make it clear. They keep each other in check to make sure that the no one interacts with the material world too much. The higher in the hierarchy a deity is, the less interference they are allowed.
Asterian Deities are beings of great power and usually control some aspect of mortal affairs. As in other worlds that potentially exist parallel to this one, all deities were either elevated to their position or approved of by an Overseer. Nothing is known about this creature except for that it has tremendous power. The Mother of Creation is often rumoured to also function as the Overseer. Though equally little is known about her.
Divine beings need to gather their worshippers’ faith as a source of their power. As such without worshippers, deities seize to exist. Or rather, they seize to exist as deities. The number of worshippers therefor also determines the power of a deity and could change from time to time.
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Cover image: by Stefan Keller