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Age of Calm / Year 941

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A world of magic, conflict and endless adventure. A place where the smallest action may shake the foundations of the universe itself. It is a place in turmoil, where the scholars of the world still do not know that their world is moving into a new era; One of great upheavals and world changing events.   No matter where you travel across the lands a sense of looming change hangs in the air. Old things are stirring, while new ones are finding their place in the natural order of things. The monsters on the outskirts of town are amassing their armies, while the governments fight internally for power.   And amidst all the chaos and confusion, a small group of adventurers convene on a simple mission that will have them save creation itself.  

  Asteria is built as a supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. It started as a simple edit to the Lost Mines of Phandelver but has started growing into something bigger.   I wanted to create a world where everything felt like it had its place and reason, one that could give a sense of realism to whatever the players may encounter. At the same time I strove to move away from the black and white nature of many of the monsters of the world, and instead give them cultures and views that would clash with the civilized world in interesting ways.   The world is still prominentily a work in progress, and a lot of things are hidden so my players won't find them, but please have a look while I continue to fill it up with words!