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Historically, Astaressa has endured a deep divide between the land-dwelling populations and the Sirens, the sea-dwellers. However it seems that that the divide is slowly starting to be mended. The missing Siren princess of Atlantis reappeared in Astaressa's waters and took her place as ruler of the Siren people. Her interactions with the land-dwellers before her ascension prompted a desire on her part to begin a new era of cooperation and cohabitation. After all, they shared the same world. It didn't make sense for the global population to separate itself. She took her seat of power in a chain of islands that had been unclaimed by any other nation up until that point. Since her ascension she has made it her mission to have conversations with other nations to gain an understanding of them and their needs.   This new world order did not bring lasting peace, however. In fact, aside from the new attempts to broach the divide of species, the world remained largely the same. Wars and intrigue still took place, the occasional revolution would flare up and die. Slowly, ever so slowly, the Siren princess (now Empress) led her nation into the main conversations and became an influential force. A quieter one, not given to martial demonstrations of power, but influential nonetheless. They did have to demonstrate a rare display of military might when taking back an island in their territory that had been overrun by another nation, and it was so impressive (or frightening, depending on your viewpoint) that the other nations suddenly realized that this new nation was going to be a major player from that point on, if it hadn't been already.   Now the Empress' children are old enough to enter the political sphere. The oldest son is a commander in their military. The oldest daughter is a diplomat, with far-reaching contacts. The youngest son travels beyond the borders of his nation, making friends with nearly everyone he meets. The youngest daughter has become a champion and a patron of the arts, supporting her own nation's creativity and sending her love and support for those beyond her home.