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The world of Ashiel was once whole and beautiful, a shining jewel of existence that both mortal and Gods alike enjoyed. It was a world of Balance, where each force had an opposing force, even among the Gods.   Then the God of Order imprisoned the God of Chaos for six thousand years, cutting off the touch of Chaos and allowing the world to be steeped in Order thus skewing the Balance. Too much Order leads to stagnation and makes things brittle, so when the God of Chaos was released at last his power hit all of existence like a tidal wave.   In the wake of that the world broke, existence fractured and the great Chaos Storm ravaged everything. This event is known as The Breaking of the World In the aftermath the world was irrevocably changed. The Gods saved who they could, salvaged what they could, but some of their own were lost to the great storm.   Today the world exists only through the power of the Gods themselves, maintaining it, keeping it together. It is a world slowly clawing its way back out of the depths of Chaos. The sun burns in the center of the world with the lands and the oceans circling it, floating in space. The moons and the stars orbiting it all.   It is a world where the Gods often interfere in the lives of mortals, on purpose or by accident. It is a world where ships sail both the seas and the skies, where magic is often used for good and for evil. It is a world where Order and Chaos war, where Fate plans and Chance upsets those plans.   It is Ashiel, the Shattered World.   Welcome.