Aserere A primal world with huge monsters, huge magic, and huge hopes for the future.

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A long, long time ago there were those we call "The Akoko people". They were powerful and had great magics and knowledge until the Great Beasts came from the sky. They Great Beasts and the Akoko fought until many suns set, they killed each other until many moons fell, and in the end? The Akoko fled into the heavens and the Great Beasts roared until the the homes and cities of the Akoko fell into dusts. Perhaps, one day, the Akoko will return to save us but for now, we must hide from the world for it is too wild. - Nenek R'heqa, Loremaster

The world of Aserere is a world where primal forces reign and where planar magics constantly bombard its surface. There is evidence of a vast and advanced race having lived on the surface of the planet some many thousands of years ago however nothing of their society remains or has seemed to survive in any meaningful or working sense.

Instead, what has replaced this civilization is a veritable army of gigantic elemental creatures capable of reshaping the land or devastating large structures. Beneath are smaller creatures from the size of a large tree to just the size of a pinkie nail. Some are peaceful and harmless and others can kill in an instant. Which one is which? Very few know


And if the Great Beasts are not enough, the sky of Aserere is often pockmarked with planar rifts that either cause incredible, and mostly destructive, magical events or creatures from the planes come down and disrupt the ecosystem in elemental vs primal chaos!

The Homon are a sentient race forced to either live in small, secluded enclaves called "abodes" or as nomadic tribes as fierce as the untamed environments that they must travel.

What happened to the Akoko? Can the Homon retake the surface of the planet and rebuild a semblance of civilization?  

Aserere is an ethno-fantasy inspired, worldbuilding TTRPG designed to challenge players to decide the fate of their tribe and sculpt the world they would like to see while avoiding the perils of a world in chaos.