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Valissian System

The Valissian System is a large solar system and known as the central point of conflict for the civil war. While it lies within the CTP's sphere of control, its remoteness and lack of strategic value has meant it received little of the CTP's attention. It is currently a system of independants and outlaws, despite the fierce resistance during the civil war the collapse of the Principality of States meant that it could not maintain its strong control over the system. Many corporations, minor CTP agents and independants view it as a place to make a name for themselves.  

Locatations in the Valissian System

  Craenov - Craenov is an inhospitable world and the closest to the sun. Its atmosphere reaches extraordinarily hot temperatures and it is considered a dangerous world for even the most durable of star ships to venture near.   Old Valissian - Old Valissian was the home of the Elebrians, a lush planet filled with an abundance of natural resources. When they were conquered, it was settled and later became a thriving world. When the civil war broke out, the Principality of States realized there was little to no chance of conquering the world as it had united against them. As a show of force, a devastating nuclear bombardment was commenced and the planet plunged into a nuclear winter. It is now a cold, lifeless and irradiated world that few but the most dedicated of salvagers visit.   Valissian Prime - The moon of Old Valissian was also habitable, and has been redesignated as Valissian Prime as a warning to the populace not to rebel against the CTP. The planetary governor has mostly free autonomy over the world, however the planet is mostly considered independent. The various settlements on the surface consider themselves autonomous and rarely does the authority of the governor get enforced.   Sypsos - This enormous gas giant has numerous settlements and moons located around it.   Yellis - A frigid ice moon orbiting Sypsos that is the only celestial object in the system that has rings.    Sulfaria - A sulfur covered moon that orbits Sypsos.    Soma - A moon that is occasionally mined for its useful resources.   Hellos - The second gas giant in the system.   Nimiset - A small barren moon that orbits Hellos.   The Valissian <-> Allysar Warp Gate - The connection to the great Galaxy   Myar - Myrar is considered a cold desert world and has a breathable atmosphere. Its lack of water has prevented it from developing into a truly industrial world, though many settlements do exist near the equator.    Namru - A moon that is quite similar to its parent world, Namru has more water, leading to a larger abundance of plant life. Unfortunately its slow orbit means that it goes from being a reasonably habitable and warm climate for part of the year, to frigidly cold and iced over the rest. The inhabitants of this world either work here seasonally or rely on hazard suits and climate control to survive the long winter months. The plant life is uniquely adept at hibernating for the long winter, and the animal life goes underground during this time to hibernate.


  • Map of Valissian System

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