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043 Scribeling

The Little Helper Pokémon

Historically, Scribeling has only been found in the ruins of the Ironwrit Forest, but a few years ago it began showing up all over the Arvent Region, in far larger numbers than it's species had previously been thought to exist at all. Sightings dropped just as dramatically, and just as suddenly, not long after, but still happen throughout the region from time to time.   Scribeling is a very excitable creature, and is very friendly, even to strangers. It will offer help wherever it can, but its ability to do so is limited by the fact that it isn't very bright. It also likes to play dress-up.
— Arvent Regional Pokédex #043

Basic Information


Scribelings are exclusively Steel-Type. They are weak to attacks with the Fighting, Fire, or Ground Type. They are resistant against attacks with the Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, or Steel Types. They are immune to attacks with the Poison Type. Scribelings universally possess the Flexible Form ability, which makes them immune to grappling or constricting attacks, as well any other attempts to reduce their mobility or speed.   Scribelings consistently display considerable durability, speed and mobility for a Pokémon of their size and development. Their offensive abilities are less impressive, as is their capacity to resist non-physical attacks.   A Scribeling's main body is composed of a fine metallic mesh, which houses most of their internal structures. They have four-limbs, with their forelimbs equipped with rudimentary metal pincers, because of which these limbs are often informally referred to as arms, and the rear-limbs as legs. They are capable of multiple varieties of locomotion, including walking on their two legs, crawling on all four limbs, and climbing around in trees and rubble.
Average Height
35 - 40 cm (13.78 - 15.74 in.)
Average Weight
15 - 17 kg (33.06 - 37.47 lbs.)

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