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Norocai's Final Words


The following is the writing contained within this letter:
Dear Ms. Ambition,
I am afraid I will not see you again. There are reports that the unexplored has an island that must be influenced by a sorcerer of daemon origin in order to keep Planceae complacent. I am the only sorcerer that has the capabilities to do so. I leave the day you will get this. I am sorry, *magically encrypted word*.


Planceae is one of the greater daemons that attacked during The Third Daemon War. It was an aquatic daemon that seemed to be able to release an infinite amount of daemons from its mouth. Planceae arguably could be the most powerful greater daemon ever. The only reason that Planceae was kept from flooding Aruna with daemons is because the adventurer known as Yellow casted a Calm Emotions spell with power more than a mortal should be able to use. If the spell was ever broken, there would be no way for the people of Aruna to fight the horde that would attack.

Norocai was an Ærian sorcerer with powerful psychic magics. He was the closest thing that Aruna had to a greater daemon on its side. He was known to have his mind assulted by the callings to become a greater daemon. During these outbreaks, Makaria Ambition, The Archmage of Howarde's Adventuring Guild would use nonmagical methods to calm him. Norocai was a great asset to Aruna during The Third Daemon War. He was even able to defeat the greater daemon Kij'har by himself, but he had to spend over a month with Makaria in order to recover. Since Norocai is a powerful war hero, his absence has caused fear among the people that he might not be able to help them in the next war, or that Norocai is now a greater daemon.
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