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Mithral Chain

Adventuring for salvation


Nestled within the Corinthant mountains sits Mithral Chain. It is close to the middle of the range, but is a slight bit north. 


The mountains that surround Mithral Chain, along with the harsh conditions of New Corinth make an escaping prisoner think twice about their ability to live in the wild while escaping. The building itself is made of stone and the outside walls are five feet thick. The bars of all the cells are reinforced with runes and are made of cold iron. The highest security cells are covered in a thin layer of Ichor Stone. There are at least five hundred guards at any given time at the prison. Each guard is a well trained guard or trusted adventurer.
Each prisoner has a rune etched onto their neck. This rune is an ouroboros encircling a Helm rune, a Hate rune, and a complex lock rune. These runes are attuned to a handler. The handler can telepathically use the rune to kill any prisoner connected to them. Additionally, the handler can set limits, such as distance or spellcasting, that will kill the prisoner that exceeds the limit. If a handler or guard dies by the hand of a prisoner with this rune, the prisoner dies and any prisoners connected to that prisoner's handler die as well.

Forced Adventuring

Most prisoners are not locked up in their cell forever, some are forced into adventuring. The group for a mission is picked by the handler that will lead the mission. Usually, prisoners that arrived at around the same time are taken on their first mission together.
A prisoner is allowed to keep anything they acquire on their adventures, but the handler holds all of the prisoner's possessions between missions. At any point, the handler of a prisoner may confiscate any item indefinitely.
Once a prisoner has done enough missions for their crime, The prisoner is released and may keep anything they found during the adventures. Thy also are immediately offered the ability to join the Howarde's Adventuring Guild.
The Prisoner's Tavern
Official Name
Forced Labor Prison

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