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Miirk is located on the northern part of New Corinth a couple miles from the shore. There are multiple streams around the village.


Miirk is known for its production of multiple different kinds of tea. Its most famous tea is Miirkwood bark and thornberry leaf tea. Due to how small Miirk is, the government of New Corinth does not care about Miirk. The mayor of Miirk is elected by the villages inhabitants. The current mayor of Miirk is Lara Tinth. Lara has been keeping the laws mostely the same, but she has been trying to increase the defenses of Miirk. Miirk currently has a militia of six people and no walls. She is well liked by the people of Miirk. 
There is only one faction within Miirk. It is the Serkzentary. About one fourth of the population of Miirk is part of the Serkzentary. They are there to make sure that no other factions that are trying to take control of Miirk. The importance of Miirk for the Serkzentary was seen by the Great Seer.
There is a famous person that is undercover in Miirk. Kaseem Koroma is acting as a traveling merchant that has stopped in Miirk. He is making sure that the Eyeless that he saw nearby did not infect the town. He is undercover in case the Eyeless possessed one of the people in Miirk.


Miirk's main exports are tea of many different kinds. The main imports of Miirk are building materials. There is about as much land residential land as there is industrial. There is no tourism in Miirk, so the economy is entirely reliant upon exports and imports.
Due to Lara's want for better protection, building materials for walls and barracks are being imported. Lara is also trying to get more people to live in Miirk so that Miirk can have a force of gaurds instead of just a militia of six people.
Lara Tinth
Known for
Tea production

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