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#20 - The Siege of Mossford Report

General Summary

Taking a deviation from The Beacons of Hope, the town of Mossford was visited, a quaint town with a small bakery, lots of nice people, a large tavern and a church. The day had started off like any other and the towns folk met a young man who had asked about the church. He was sent on his way and did not give them his name for he was in a rush.   As the evening began and all enjoyed the music of the tavern folk, one of the inhabitants of the town burst into the doors, covered in blood and terrified. They explained that something came in and took one of the farmers straight off of the farm. As they are talking, they can hear things outside, trying to get in.   The town started to defend itself from the hordes of creatures trying to take them, with some falling in the process and the entire tavern setting on fire from makeshift Molotov's. Most of the people escaped to the roof but some perished in the fire.   As dawn came upon the town and the remaining inhabitants saw the devastation, they all felt there was only one person that could have brought such chaos to the town. One visitor who went to the church, who the creatures had been searching for. Francis Holliend.
Report Date
02 Dec 2020
Primary Location


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