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On the Strix, A birdlike ruling class of the First Era.

The Strix were an ancient race of peoples who once ruled the known world of Armais during the First Era.   They were a tall slender people, often with birdlike attributes. Unusually fast on their feet, they are often described as flying beings in stories, but as no living Strix remains in the world, all archaeologists have to go on are fossils, remains, and the depictions of them in the few surviving written scrolls.   These translations were made possible because the Strixs' use of all three common tongues formed into its own unique dialect called "High Armaisian". Direct translations are possible by using singular words or phrases from each of the three common tongues, Common, Gothic, and High Gothic. While a direct translation is possible, meaning and nuance is often lost as the languages have long since been separated, and formed their own unique idiosyncrasies, making learning High Armaisian impossible for all but the most educated among the nobility.   The Strix had a unique command over architecture that let them build what is described as marvelous floating cities. Unfortunately, the only example of these are the ruins found far to the west in the scorching wastes. This singular tower floats over the wastes, following the whims of the winds that swirl over the area. Not much is known about the use of this building, as no known way has been found to enter it for study.   As the Strix were the sole ruling class in the world during the First Era, it is speculated by scholars that the commerce conducted today is vastly different from the commerce conducted during the time. As not much has been found to show examples of such commerce, it is often speculated that the Strix conducted business in a bartering system, as they could take most everything they wanted from the commoner populace, this bartering was solely conducted within the hierarchy of the Strix themselves.


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