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4E 24

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Ribbons of light dance over an ocean of stars high above a canopy of thick trees. The illumination pierces through leave and branch to dance over a beautifully savage forest where creatures of the night prowl another brave expedition through untamed lands. Civilizations exist in carefully carved city-states that survive through forces of might and magic against lands surging with awe inspiring magic while balancing delicate politics with one another in alliances and declarations of hostility that prove as fragile as it is volatile.   This is the world your story is written in. This is Arhor'ha.  

The record of these stories are collected here to share the exploits of heroes and villains, to record the fantastical locations and fateful events that transpired there, and to a few blank pages are left open for new stories yet to be written by a new author. We welcome you peruse the tales that transpire beyond dark dungeons of traps and fierce fights with dragons as old as five fun editions. The realm is only as forgotten as an unread book can be, so from all of the authors here in Arhor'ha we welcome you to stay a spell and enjoy our tales.