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Parel is a thin, tall plant with many needle-like leaves. It grows in forests in small clusters, separated from others by a fair distance. Parel typically grows to be about two feet tall, with leaves roughly an inch long. Each cluster has one flower between all of the plants in it, which blooms in late spring.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

In the late spring, one flower blooms in each cluster. The flower is bright purple, and releases many tiny seeds (which are self-pollinated by the cluster) to the wind.

Growth Rate & Stages

When a seed lands, it sends out shoots which grow into a Parel plant over the course of about five months. Parel weathers the cold excellently, and is largely protected from snow by the trees it usually grows under. In the spring, if no other plants are nearby, the flower will self-pollinate its seeds and drop them onto the ground around the plant, rather than spreading them to the wind, so that a cluster will grow the next year.

Ecology and Habitats

Parel grows in forests, under the shade of larger trees. It can grow in direct sunlight, but much more slowly.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Parel is a magical plant: when its leaves are ground up and ingested, they amplify the body’s ability to heal, closing wounds in seconds. However, this healing comes at a cost; once the body is fully repaired, its healing ability collapses. The person becomes extremely susceptible to disease, and the smallest of wounds might bleed for hours. This weakened state lasts for two or three days, and is extremely dangerous.   However, Alchel can be used to counteract this effect. When Parel is mixed with Alchel in a 1:1 ratio, the Alchel negates the Parel's effects after it has begun to heal the body but before it can cause the body to collapse. This enables the creation of healing potions, which provide the benefits of Parel without the drawbacks.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Forests across Aressa

Average Height
2 feet

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