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Alchel (also spelled Alkel) is a large plant that grows along river banks. It has thin, oval-shaped leaves, which are a deep green color. They grow alone, spreading out along the riverside until their leaves overhang the water. The largest Alchel plants might grow to be five or six feet in length, but not much more than six inches wide. Its leaves are incredibly important to mages and alchemists, as a vital ingrediant in potion-making.   Alchel plants bloom for three months a year, beginning in spring. Their flowers are pink and have six long petals, which curve upwards into a bowl shape. Once the flowers are pollinated, they form a small, grayish seed. This seed drops from the plant into the river and is swept away, eventually washing up on the shore downstream.


Material Characteristics

The leaves of the Alchel plant are thin, oval-shaped, and dark green. When ground up, they lighten in color, and often leave a bright green smear on the tool used to grind them.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Ground Alchel leaves, when mixed in certain proportions with magical materials or ingredients, act as a “regulator” of the material’s properties, causing them to last for a period of time inversely proportional to the amount of Alchel before gradually ending. This enables the materials to be used predictably and controlled, and makes it possible for potions to be made and used safely. Without Alchel, healing potions based on Parel would cause illness and death, flight potions would cut out suddenly in midair rather than gently lowering their drinker to the ground, and potions of water breathing would unpredictably drown their drinkers.


Nearly all potions incorporate Alchel as the most reliable method of making reliable and consistent potions.

Geology & Geography

Alchel grows along river banks across Aressa.

Life & Expiration

Alchel remains potent for an extremely long time after being harvested; it is unknown exactly how long it takes for it to lose its potency.
Somewhat sour
Dark green (leaves), medium green (crushed)

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