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Vudon's Law

Vudon's laws are numerous, and it is the duty of Lawkeepers to interpret them in their judgments. Some laws are absolute, some are contradictory, and some are both absolute and contradictory. Lawkeepers spend many years learning Vudon's laws, the judgments handed down by previous Keepers, and the times when Vudon punished a Lawkeeper for overstepping with their judgments.   Notably, not all are equal before the law. Those who have not accepted Vudon's Peace are exempt from protections offered by Vudon's laws. And of those who did, Virages operate on a level far above petty peasants and the only infractions they may be punished for are sedition, incompetence, war crimes, and the hoarding of forbidden knowledge.   However, the sentence for being found guilty of such a transgression is commensurate with their position: Death, delivered by the Court headsman.   Vudon's Peace:
  • All who bow to me shall be under my shield. Loyalty is freedom from hunger, hostility, and hopelessness.
  Overlord's Right of Destruction:
  • Only Vudon may destroy a loyal vassal. All will die; it is a question of when, not if.
  • Trust the Overlord with the measure of your worth, and it will be glorious from the first moment to the last.
  The Virage's Privilege:
  • The Virages carry my will, each in their own custom, all for my glory.
  • Serve the Virages as you would serve the Overlord, but serve the Overlord first.
  Overlord's Right of Adjudication:
  • If two sworn vassals shall come to an irreconcilable conflict, only the Overlord may adjudicate right from wrong, the living from the dead.
  The Magician’s Folly:
  • Those who work the powers of magic must do so with Vudon's explicit blessing.
  • If, in the conduct of the Overlord’s will, a mage inadvertently causes harm due to the unknowable perils of magic, the mage shall not be held liable if the magic was used for the glory of the Overlord.
  Quota and Sharing:
  • The harvest blooms and blights by the will of Vudon.
  • In times of lean, you will be fed. In times of wealth, you will feed others.
  • To oppose this balance is to starve your neighbor, and such thieves shall forfeit their labours.
  Forbidden Knowledge:
  • Knowledge of that which is forbidden is reason enough for execution.
The Overlord's Name is Not Yours to Use:
  • The Overlord's name is not yours to give, whether to progeny, product, location or abstraction.
  • Slander of the Overlord is punishable by death.
  • There is only one Vudon, and their name is safeguarded.
  • No one may say Vudon and have it obfuscated by a second meaning.
  • Neither will their name be associated to trivialities.
  Right of appeal
  • A Lawkeeper’s judgment, once made, is final. There is no right of appeal.
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