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Obsidian Towers

Many mysterious towers exist across Arenia. They have been in existence for as long as people can remember. The towers are solid black, glassy obsidian and stand approximately 1,000 metres high. They appear impervious to harm and attempts to scale them have failed. Their purpose is unknown and study over the centuries has yet to yield any significant results.   All towers appear to be exactly identical in structure.

Purpose / Function

Purpose unknown. Most people see them as a mundane fact of life as they've "just been there forever" and seem to be inert. However, they cause enough unease that people do not generally build in their immediate vicinity, and settlements do not form around them.
  The exception to this is the tower located in the Reivan fortress-city of Rannock Reivasa. This tower is centrally located within the fortified city, and the Reivans have used it as the basis for the Great Beacon.


Approximately 100 feet in diameter.
Monument, Large