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Alustriel Barrentide

Alustriel Barrentide, sister to Lana, Storm, and the rest of The Nine, was a former member of the famed adventuring group.   Alustriel was intelligent, quick-thinking, and devoted to upholding the principles of justice. As a powerful and skilled magician, she was adept in devising clever plans and cunning strategies to stay one step ahead of The Nine's enemies and bring about just outcomes.   Alustriel was inseperable from her sister, Storm, and the duo formed the heart and soul of the group, often saving the day through their bravery and stalwart determination.   Alustriel met her match when The Nine walked into a trap set in Covelho by Lashan Valchek vas Koros, who had raised a horde of undead in the small village to ambush the adventurers when they came to confront her. Alustriel and Storm fell in battle.
Year of Death
1479 AT
Place of Death
Aligned Organization