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The Red Devil Inn

" Young adventure fear the Red Devil. For once, you enter it will be a dream you never want to awaken from ".
— Aged adventurer
" My Inn is the finest establishment in all the world(s) I'd know I've been to everywhere in my long life "
Asmo, Owner of the Red Devil
" I wished as a child to own the greatest tavern in the world. I might not own the Red Devil, but being her Head of Tavern is a great honor in itself. One I'd be willing to defend to death and beyond." — Jerome "Spirit" Tomason , Head of Tavern


Red Devil Inn First Floor After CLose
DM/GM Maps
Maps with labeled secrets:

Secret Subbasement:
Maps: Floor One
Red Devil Inn First Floor Day Service
Red Devil Inn First Floor Night Service
Red Devil Inn First Floor After CLose

Floor Two

Floor Three


The two main entrances are the back door and front door of the tavern. However, in the basement there is a portal room which allows those who know the activation phrase to come and go from the tavern no matter where it is. The phrase rarely given out by Asmo, Jerome or most commonly a blacked out Lord As-Kimminos. Phrase
I (Name) make a deal with the Red Devil Inn. In exchange for allowing me to entrance to the Inn, Asmo shall receive any one favor from me. Failure to hold my end of the barging I forfeit my soul.*This phrase must be said at a portal, warp stone, or other means of teleportation as well as only one person per party of six*

Sensory & Appearance

"Upon entering the tavern, you will be Glad to hear music that sounds like your favorite songs echoing through the tavern floor. The patrons will seem to be enjoying this music. Trust me young adventure they're in pain without even knowing it. The smell of the food will be an intoxicating mix of savory meats, sweet treats and foreign spices you never heard of. A free tip just for you youngsters don't eat the food... No, it's not poisoned or enchanted, but it's so flavorful you'll be craving it for years to come."
— Aged adventurer


Uhpara & Aliclia Eidechse: are maids for the Red Devil Inn. The two twins are identical in appearance, but their personalities are far from identical. Uhpara is a shy, kind-hearted soul who cares about everyone in the tavern. Alicia is short-tempered and uncaring, like most other lizardfolk. The two things she does seem to mildly care about is the tavern and her sister.
    Gustav "Fresh" Spearbreath: is considered one of the best chiefs to have ever lived. A master of savory meats and sweet pastries. His cooking will make your mouth water from over a mile away. A jolly fellow who is always laid back except for thieves who steal his food.     Bartra Songswinger: is known for her other wordly music that seems to have hold a hold on people. If you ask her about where she learned her songs. She responds with a simple "A Deal"   Jerome "Spirit" Tomason: One of the best drinker and mixologists one can find. He never seems to become drunk, no matter how much he drinks. This along with his unnatural strength even for a dwarf seems to keep order in the tavern.   Lord As-Kimminos: His father owns the tavern, yet he seems to think he runs it. This cause him to butt heads with Jerome and Uhpara


Due to the amount of patrons within the inn and those seeking the inn out for legendary food and drink, the inn has a large stockpile of gold and platinum somewhere within. Beyond this, there are a few heroes of the past who have been known to favor the tavern to such an extent they have donated rare and unique relics to the inn. Some of such relics include bottomless kegs of various beers, five small Red Dragon Inn Golem (used for general tasks and serving in the tavern), and a mirror connected to a scarlet raven that sit on the roof of the inn.

Special Properties

Traveling Inn: At midnight if all residents are charmed, asleep or in a trance (such as elves) any damage done to the Red Devil Inn is repaired as well as a one in four chance to transport to a new location 1d4 . Upon rolling a 1 the dm can choose where the inn is transported or roll on the table below.

# Location
1 The across the street from the current location
2 A small village
3 A medium-sized town
4 The noble district of a capital city
5 A city's red-light district / entrainment district
6 The middle of an ancient forest
7 In a busy dock
8 On top of a large mountain
9 An oasis in a desert
10 A volcanic island filled with crabs
11 A different nation
12 Floating on a solid cloud
13 On the canopy of a dense jungle
14 Far north in a frozen tundra
15 Inside a giant's castle
16 The Feywild near an Archfey's home
17 The Underdark near a shrine of a forgotten god
18 The Astral Plane
19 A random pane, demiplane, or personal plane
20 The Ninth Circle of Hell
These locations are just suggestions and the tavern can appear anywhere within the inner planes, the lower planes except the abyss, and very rarely Arborea or Mount Celestia

Dream Inn:
As midnight approaches, the inn fills with thick fog, which upon inhaling makes you feel drowsy. By midnight, it is impossible to avoid the fog, roll a constitution saving throw of DC 20. If the throw is failed, you fall in deep slumber/trance and awaken the next morning at sunrise. If you succeed the saving throw, you do not fall asleep and slowly see the fog lift. Alternate solutions to avoiding the fog include wearing a mask / face cover or using magic to push it away from you. DM Desertion   Charming Inn: When attempting to leave the tavern, pollen from a flower hang above the door falls on your head. Make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw. Upon failing, you become charmed and unwilling to leave the tavern, this effect lasts four hours. Otherwise, suffer no effects and exit the Inn.   Alternate solutions can include an investigation check or nature check and removing the flower.   Devilish Invitation: Guests are only able to enter the premise so long as the staff or Asmo allow them, otherwise they will be unable to step over the threshold or in extreme cases never be able to find it. Gods, Warlock patrons, Demons, and others cannot influence or communicate with those inside if not present themselves in the tavern or allowed by staff.


A third floor were added after construction. This is known due to early paintings and papers written about the inn which do not mention or show higher floors. Rumors claim there is a secret subbasement that was added after the construction of the main building.


This inn is built from fireproof wooden and a stone that is cool to the touch. However, unlike most inns, it has a basement which is dug out of the surrounding ground. The bottom two floors (Tavern and second floor sleeping quarters) are the same size, but the upper floor is flared out, making it larger.


The Red Devil is one of the oldest continuous running inns in the world, with the earliest mention being in the later Rebirth Era (over 2686 years ago). Beyond this very little is known and much of the information is scattered due to the nature of the inn.
Alternative Names
The Taveling Inn, The Wanders Tavern, Here One Day Gone The Next, The Devils Dream
Environmental Effects
Once the Inn leaves its current location, there are no signs of it physically being there. All that lasts are the memories made there by those who chose to not stay the night and leave after last call.


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