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Forested Isle

The Forested Isle is located in the heart of Arcasai's magic well.
The Forested Isle


The Forested Isle didn't always exist. At least, that's the common assumption. The few that made it back from the Sea Serpent-infested waters claimed they found no land beyond the eastern shores of Kaeoma.   However, when the demigod Terluum Tanta, Patron of Earth and her twin sister ventured out to sea, they located the source of the magic that suffused Kaeoma. The magic came from the intersection of multiple planes on that point, leaking into the Material Plane. Together, they used that intense magic to raise the seafloor and create the Forested Isle, where they could play. This powerful use of magic caused a temporary shortage in Kaeoma itself, throwing the Kingdom into weeks of chaos.   Eventually, it became a popular spot for demigods to meet, as mortals would struggle crossing the strait. Trees began to grow all over the island, magnified by the magic. This is also the reason why there are few animals except for birds on the island. During this time, Terluum was overcome with the urge to raise a tower of stone, rising into the clouds, which has become the landmark of the island.   The first mortals to make it across the strait were the elves. They lived there for a time until they became High Elves, using pocket dimensions as hidden cities to make most of the limited space and preserve nature.


The Forest

The namesake of the island, the forest covers every inch of soil on the island, leaving only the clearing for the tower and the solo beach located on the southern side.  

The Tower

Strangely, the tower is completely obscured from the sea, and only visible when atop one of the many trees or at its base. It is approximately 20m in diameter, and completely circular. The interior of the tower is very plain, with stairs lining the walls going up and down infinitely, and doors to different planes/dimensions at points along the stairs. Down the center is a stream of silvery water, which allows the souls of the dead to travel between dimensions. It is said that if one climbs to the top, they can meet the Trinity¬†Goddesses.  

The Pocket Dimensions

Located in strange, sometimes hard-to-reach locations, portals to pocket dimensions are scattered around the Isle; by-products of the intersection of planes. The High Elves have populated all but the most desolate, allowing their powerful magic to make strange places hospitable. This can lead to elf-occupied floating islands, icy deserts and boiling seas.  



While this has been a popular meeting spot for demigods in the past, very few travel here anymore. It seems as though there is a far more interesting place beyond the oceans that not even High Elves can reach.  

High Elves

The High Elves are a unique race. Both incredibly skilled and powerful magic-users, but also entirely dependent on it. If a high-elf were to travel beyond the Isle, they would get weaker and more sickly the further they went.   However, this magic-use and historic presence of demigods on the island has given High Elves an extremely large ego. Those that have sailed there, since High Elves refuse to implement permanent magic circles, often remark the majority of the species as rude and self-centered, even to each other. The only people they are rumored to respect are the demigods themselves, but even that is debated.

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