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The unifying religion of Arcasai.

Those who follow the Trinity worship the Three Goddesses and their Ascended, the demigods chosen by the Goddess Ortuni.   The Three Goddesses are believed to be sisters. Chro is the eldest, the Goddess of Time. Daesti is the second, the Goddess of Fate. Ortuni is the youngest, the Goddess of Luck and Magic.   The Ascended are mortals raised to demigod status by Ortuni, and form the majority of the pantheon.   Throughout history, the Trinity has competed against many other religions and beliefs, but has always prevailed through the overwhelming presence and interaction with mortals that the Goddesses and Ascended revel in.


While the Trinity pantheon has several different factions, each worshipping their own demigod, many of the official ceremonies are conducted by the Chromai.   The Arch Chromai, the figurehead of the Chromai, has the task of receiving prophecies from Daesti. They are typically vague, as the Goddesses have a unique perspective of the lives of mortals, and do not heed the names of their charges.   The Chromai are much like the Arch Chromai, in that they can contact the Goddesses. However, they have far less success and are usually given information of less importance. Some of the tasks of the Chromai are the naming of children, marriages, and funerals.


The different factions of each demigod have unique assets. For example, the followers of Renova are typically skilled warriors. Those who follow Avarai are those with wealth, or those who seek it.
“Daesti has a plan for us all.”
- Arch Chromai Aelven.
Alternative Names
The Three Mothers, The Three Sisters

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