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Followers of Astus Musellum, Patron of Arts and Mysteries, in respect for the mysterious nature of their deity, communicate amongst each other in code, to the confusion, annoyance and jealousy of outsiders.  


A true sign of becoming a follower of Astus is learning the highly exclusive Eximic language. While it doesn't appear to have any utility on the surface, the followers are gatherers and keepers of information. When information is needed across Kaeoma, Astus followers are called upon to securely deliver it.  


Eximic is one of the most difficult languages to learn, mostly because it is technically two languages. Both are used in conjunction, both a variation of the common alphabet and a variation of the "Kanji" from ネオンしま Neonshima. What makes this language difficult to understand is that it uses a combination of both vocabularies interchangeably. A secret message could be written in two different languages in the same sentence, using either grammar structure. To those not well versed in both languages, it is impossible to decipher. This even works against certain language spells, as it not only has two languages within it, but some words can have different meanings.  
Astus is all about creating mysteries. He's all about leaving people wondering for the rest of time. He's probably going to be the last person anyone forgets. We can only strive for that standard, and so our community is all very hush hush. Secrets and information are what we hide. If you have one, we'll gladly take it off your hands. We can ensure nobody will ever know it. We could even ensure you never know it either. 

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