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Shadow Mutation

A genetic condition Umbra rarely caught from the new moon fog of Core. When an Umbra is stricken with it, they will lose control of their powers and in rarer cases, they will transform into their monster form that they weren't able to control. It was infamous because it was the source of the Lycanthropy of Shadows myth.

Transmission & Vectors

While the Umbra genetics are mostly stable, there are times it will grow the opposite when they are exposed to the fog of Core generated by the new moon. In some cases, the condition is transmitted by the affected Umbra to another by bite or scratch.


Despite being infected, the Umbra is normally stable other than any mental changes from the infection. In some cases, they may accelerate the infection's symptoms if they are excited or angered.


In the first stage of the infection, the patient will exhibit mental changes such as heightened aggression and mood swings. They will also display several physical changes based on their monster forms such as scales, fur growing in random parts of their body, and fangs.   In the second stage, they will start to lose control of their abilities such as their enhanced senses, dark powers, and magic control. At random times, they will transform into their monster forms in brief moments and lose control of their primal state.   At a third and final stage, the patient starts to lose his sanity and mostly, their intelligence as they slowly degraded into their primal state as the final changes into their permanent monster form occur. In some cases, their monster forms may gain new abilities and may carry over to their human forms in a rare case if they regain control.


While the final stage seems to be permanent, there is a chance they can turn back and cure their mutations. Using the Glitter Crocus and Moonlight Herb mixture, injecting will cure their mental symptoms and slowly revert them into their human forms if taken in regular doses.   In some cases, there is a chance the afflicted Umbra regain control not only themselves and free from the condition, but also gain control of their mutated forms.
Affected Species

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