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Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragons are mysterious type of dragons who lived in the country of Kuroi. Unlike other dragons, they seem to operate under some kind of leadership and there seem to be rumors that some of them disguised as Umbra to lead the country as their leaders. Some even say they are the predecessors of Umbra along with the demons who lived in the world during the warring era.   They were recently discovered when the dragons appeared themselves after confronting the Encounter of Innovations. Some of them later intergrated into several cities as leaders or teachers.

Basic Information


The dragons' anatomy are the same as their elemental counterparts as some possess powerful tails and wings that let them fly at 20km, teeth and black claws that lets them break the toughest material of the world, and tough scales that protects them from a powerful spell and weapons coming their way. A few differences, however, is that they spew out dark mana-imbued flames from their mana throat glands and that they can manipulate shadows just like the Umbra. They can also assume human forms to travel in human civilizations in Core through practice or through the tutelage of other dragons.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Shadow Dragons are predatory hunters who prefer hunting deer and cows and ambush them from the sky. However, they often absorb darkness from any source of Tenaqua water like the Umbra and sometimes enjoy what humans eat in their civilizations.

Biological Cycle

As with other dragons, the Shadow Dragons shed some of their scales that were deteriorated through time or damaged from absorbing any attacks for every 4 years. And at the end of their juvenile stage, most of their baby fangs fall out as they are replaced with stronger fangs, which sometimes used by humans to create accessories or weapons out from the former.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While most of the dragons are wayward species like other dragons, most of the Shadow Dragons prefer to live in the world of Core due to their introverted nature and their views of other worlds. They also prefer living in the Kuroi country after the Opprimere army was driven out thanks to Armand's actions so they could ensure someone like them wouldn't destroy their new territory anymore.

Average Intelligence

At a minimum, most dragons are aggressive and often rely on their instincts to survive once they are in their juvenile age. However, as time passes, they develop enough intelligence on par with a human that allows them to learn human culture and the ability to cast spells.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As they are imbued with darkness aura and mana, the Shadow Dragon can see through the pitch-black darkness and can hear up to 70 meters. As they are intelligent creatures, Shadow Dragons are able to sense the darkness in every creature they touch, including the Umbra. They also have an uncanny ability to cast dark spells and manipulate darkness and shadows into whips and weapons providing their have enough intelligence to do so.   There seem to be rumors that some stronger dragons grant humans, Umbra, and Elit to transform into Shadow Dragons by injecting their mana into their body. Though there is a high chance they won't survive the process. However, a strong Umbra could survive the process.
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