The Vapid are a group of individuals who are incapable of casting or channeling magic through their bodies due to a magical curse that exists in their blood. The Vapid condition is rumored to have originated from a powerful curse supposedly placed upon the Teqo by the goddess Lunaria, after her domain was destroyed at the end of the first age. Individuals who have descended from the Teqo are the most frequently effected group, however children birthed by even a single parent with these ties are still just as likely to gain the condition. It has also been discovered that the curse can skip several generations, remaining dormant while it's host retains their ability to interract with magic normally.   While the Vapid are incapable of casting or channeling magic, they are still able to attune themselves to magical items and materia. Vapid individuals often work around their lack of ability by utilizing magical items and Magitek.

Transmission & Vectors

The 'Vapid' condition stems from one's blood. If two lovers concieve a child it's very likely that child will be also be Vapid at birth. However, it has been known for the curse to skip several generations.


It is unknown if there is any treatment for this condition.