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Redhart Wood

Of the tallest trees in the World Forest, the redhart is perhaps the most well known, a towering conifer that can reach up to 120 metres in height, thick enough that two laden carts could pass side by side should a tunnel be dug through   Its lumber is prized for being lightweight, beautiful and extremely resistant to decay. Its thought to have absorbed some manner of arcane power, as it is unusually easy to work, seeming to want to be used.   Whole villages are made from just a few of these mighty trees and thus it is a prized and protected resource of the Wood Elves whenever they find one.


Material Characteristics

Lumber from the redhart is relatively light, its grain is very straight and with a fine, smooth texture.   Its heartwood is a deep reddish brown, with the sapwood being lighter and pinker.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Due to its straightness and light weight, the lumber is often used in the construction of houses, especially the treetop villages of the Elves. Its colour and fine texture also make it prized for decorative effects.   It is very easy to work with and many carpenters and woodworkers will tell you that the wood wants to be used to create useful or beautiful things.

Origin & Source

Found mostly on the North Coast, but have been transplanted around the World Forest, the redhart trees are the source for this incredibly useful lumber.

History & Usage


Before the rise of the worldforest, the redhart and its lumber were thought extinct, its wood so precious and the wooded land cut back so much in those times that no one had seen one of these giant trees in generations.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Wood Elf druids hold the redhart in esteem and treasure it for its beauty and the bounty it gives up. They are careful now not to allow the mistakes of the past and will not allow any to harvest the lumber unless there are enough local healthy trees growing to support it.   When it comes to awakening a tree though druidic magic, the redhart is often the subject of choice, often making kind and generous trees who wish to help those around it.

Manufacturing & Products

The most common use for redhart lumber is in the construction of buildings, its light weight but strong and durable wood make it perfect for building the treetop villages that as so useful in the worldforest.
Fresh redhart lumber has a sweet, fruity smell
A deep, earthy red


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