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Toranyel Phases, and Seasons & Storms

Current Date: 2 Reaping Year 5 (EH)
Next Full Moon: 13 Reaping

Toranyel, the Lattice

  Toranyel is an anomalous moon-like entity that occupies the Arborean sky. Unlike a real moon, Toranyel contains several thin layers of a near transculent material that spin in asynchronistic repeating patterns around a source of internal illumination that, when all combined, mimic the phases of a moon.   The origin and composition of the structure is unknown, though as the 'moon' affects creatures and objects subject to lunar transmuation and other schools of magic, the origin could, at the least, be classified as magical, if not celestial. Occasionally, the moon harbours a different shade, likely the application of a filter, that can render the spherical object purple, orange, magenta, and a range of dark hues.   Under magnification, or gazed upon by those with exceptional eyesight, the foreign structure of the moon becomes obvious. Each layer appears to be constructed from series of interlocked lattice-works that appear incredibly intricate for a structure of such a massive size. For this reason, the moon was named for a famed elvish jewellry technique that frequently used intricate latticeworks to form a distinct image, shape, or theme from when viewed from a distance.   Just as an regular moon, Toranyel occupies the same cultural meaning in folklore, songs and ever-too-long ballads as on many more traditional planes of existence.

Arborean seasons (or lack thereof)

  The Arborean Wamper (AW) calendar adopted by the inhabitants of the titular village several years after their Shifting is becoming standard across the three political power-regions of Arborea.. despite bearing little resemblance to any Arborean season.   There are three main problems with adoption of the AW standard:  
Arborea has no recognised seasons. Nor agreed upon climate. The weather remains either temperamental, infruriatingly imprecise, or delightful erratic, depending on your world view (and profession).   Arborea has no sun, nor source of obvious illumination. Instead the realm experiences a range of diffused natural light states ranging from 'blazing' to 'complete darkness', with a myriad of solar experiences in-between.   Arborea's moon is a magical construct eons old. Despite this, it comports itself with elegant manners, waxing and waning in a very unArborean manner.
  Currently the agreed upon solution to these discrepancies is to ignore them. Food scarcity is rare, given the abundance of agriculturally-, vegatively- and arboreally-minded fae, and most residents have grown used to the ferociously mercurial weather, or have, at the least, stopped complaining about the phenomenen. After all, you can't control the weather!*  

Stormy Weather

  Arborea's unusual climate often manifest in supernatural or element storms, the worst of which are called eldritch storms. Eldritch storms are concentrated weather events that go beyond what can be produced through simple enviromental factors; they contain an arcanic element that produces magical characteristics that can often lead to the degradation and destruction of the environment and those within. Eldritch events can include deadly heat and cold, insect plagues, sandstorms and other hyper storm characteristics.   Eldritch storms are thought to have numerous triggers, including a rapid emotional change within creatures and people of power, alterations between different climate biomes, a large gathering of creatures who resonant with eldritch-sensitive abilities, or simply rogue magicians unleashing wild magical forces. Especially rogue magician unleashing wild magical forces.  

Let's take a spin, shall we?

  The Eldritch Spin in western Arborea is the most well known eldritch event however remains atypical - most eldritch events are temporary, no matter how unprecedented. The Eldritch Spin is thought to have resulted from either an Unkept Roads location that erupted during the Severing of the Planes, or a previously unrecorded Shifting location that became unstable during the same event, both while an eldritch storm was present. The Spin then grew to an uncharacteristic size before stabilising into its present form. Observations that the Eldritch Spin occupies the same general longitude as the Void Isles have also not escaped notice.


* Some people can clearly control the weather, such as meddling druids, or sociopathic magicians. Luckily, these tend to be locally isolated and rare occurrences, given the adage 'you can't control the weather' is best replaced with 'when you control the weather, the weather will take horrific offence and likely start raining frogs, blood, disease, fire, or bleeding diseased frogs crackling with hellfire.'


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