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Great Desert Scorpion

"A terrifying beast, I tell you, it's as long as a man, with giant pincers and a sting that can kill a horse instantly - a true test for a warrior's might. But beware stranger, there is never just one: bring a friend with you- or two."
Isha'hab Al'Afir, Desert Walker
  The Great desert scorpion makes its home in the hot and arid regions of Aran'shar -preying on basically everything that enters its territory. A sure sign that you entered their territory are the bones of their prey strewn about, snapped in two by giant claws, the flesh scraped from the corpses. Between one and two meters long, mottled in sandy tones with two strong pincers and a venomous stinger they are a formidable foe on their own - unfortunately for many who meet them they tend to live in groups. Usually ambush predators that lie under the sand, they will not let a potential meal pass by - if you enter their territory, you can and will be attacked. There are not many things they fear, but some people tell they have kept them at bay with fire - not an easy task in the cold of the desert night.   A desert scorpion burrow looks like a small hole/cave entrance in the middle of the desert and is the entrance to a small system of winding tunnels, the walls build by scorpions compacting the surrounding sand into solid walls. Anyone who dares to enter beware tough: not all of these tunnels are stable and many an adventurer found their doom in there. Be it by collapsing walls or because they met a scorpion is anyones guess - few that do enter leave alive. Those that survive however can bring back scorpion eggs and old carapaces - all of them valued alchemy ingredients.