Ottokath's Journal #1

General Summary

We arrived at Northpoint today. Mutt da Big did not trust the town, but I was desperate for a drink and we'd need supplies to continue on our way. Hence I went in alone. I have never been quite as far west as the Magister Coast. Life seems different here from other places. Their worries small and yet always looking to the east. Reminds me of home in a way.   It wasn't long before I found myself in the local tavern. I must remark on the odd gathering of individuals I found gathering there. People from all walks of life, many definitely not local. Most striking was the regal looking human, adorned in heavy armour. I'd seen his like in the Anvil, but never expected one this far south. Paladins are not a common breed, least those of the north. I also cannot say I have ever met such an odd waitress either, enjoying the company of the costumers to the degree that they'd rather drink with them than serve others.   My ruminations were cut short by a member of the local watch declaring what might be called a quest. Funds are short and me and my companion quite capable. Especially when it comes to keeping watch in a wooded area like this. Most of the outsiders with me there did likewise, including, to my surprise, the waitress.   The night itself proved of little event, but morning hailed a case of arson at the stables. Being hired to do a job, I chose to ask the spirits of the woods for aid in tracking them. To great effect. It wasn't long before we came upon their camp. I fail to recall exactly how many they numbered, a dozen at least, and they set upon us quickly. Our speed had been to our disadvantage. The rest had yet to catch up. The skirmish was short and brutal. Of all the bandits gathered, only two survived and none escaped. It was from them we learned the true purpose of their misdemeanor. Sabotage. This job may prove more trouble than I thought at first.

Rewards Granted

Light crossbow

Missions/Quests Completed

Hired town guards (accepted)

Character(s) interacted with

Met the party. The guard captain of Northpoint , Burral Stonethorpe.
Report Date
30 May 2021
Primary Location


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