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The Confectioner's Compass

Where Sweet Adventures Await

The confectioner's Compass appears as an ornate, golden compass, with a glass top that encloses a needle designed like a miniature candy cane. Around its edges, engraved sweets and confections dance in an eternal parade.

It is light enough to be easily carried in a pocket or attached to a belt without being burdensome, but substantial enough to feel valuable and sturdy. The compass is comfortably handheld, making it easy to use while navigating. Its size also ensures the intricate engravings of sweets and confections around its edges are visible and can be appreciated up close.

Its true magic lies not in guiding the way through lands unknown but in leading its holder to the nearest source of sweet treats.


The Confectioner's Compass was created by Halfling Wizard and confectioner, Lila Bramblepelt, whose love for sweets was only matched by her prowess in enchantment.

Legend says Lila crafted the compass to ensure that no matter where her adventures took her, she would always find her way back to comfort, joy, and, most imortantly, to sweets.

Over the years, the compass has passed through many hands, leaving tales of joy and wonder in its wake.

This Compass promises to add a layer of sweetness to your travels, that you are sure to cherish amidts the chaos of the universe. -Lila Bramblepelt


Sweet Detection

Once per long rest, the user can activate the compass to locate the nearest source of confectionery within a 5-mile radius. The compass needle Spins with increasing speed as the user gets closer to the target.

Confectionery Conjuration

Twice per week, the compass allows its wielder to conjure a small feast of magical sweets, enough to serve up to six people. These treats not only taste delightful but also provide minor health restoration, akin to consuming a potion of healing.

Sugary Shield

Once per long rest, the user can activate the compass to envelop themselves or an ally in a protective bubble that smells faintly of vanilla and caramel. This bubble acts as a shield, offering resistance to non-magical damage for one hour.

Approximately 0.5lbs (Around 225 grams)
Diameter of about 3 inches (roughly 7.6 cm), and a thickness of 0.5 inches (around 1.3 cm)

The Confectioner's Compass is more than just a magical item; it's a testiment to the joy and whimsy that it can bring into our lives.

It is sure to light up anyones faces with the anticipation of the sweet adventures that await.


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