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While humans have lost their former dominance in the Merchant Sea region, they are still the most prevalent ancestry, ruling six of the fifteen nations that surround the Merchant Sea. Humans are inquisitive, headstrong and often impulsive - at least if you ask the other ancestries. They are sometimes referred to as “the last children”, as they were the final creation of the gods - as a collective - before they departed Aorna. They cannot trace their ancestry to any specific god.   The ancestral home of humanity is Ysead, a small, desolate continent in the north of the Auslairic Ocean - though the humans of the Merchant Sea have largely lost their time there to history.    Humans from Ysead migrated south almost 50,000 years ago, the first group landing in The Baskan Isles and settling there as simple fishermen and sailors.   Most, however, choose to settle the plentiful farmland in Vul'Badir over the more treacherous and war-torn Sheanora of the time. The humans were welcomed by the elves of Nenineru, taught mundane magical techniques to help them live in their new landscape, and even given territory to settle and cultivate. This would eventually become the mighty empire of Kir'Morava (now the splintered nations of Kul'Morava and Kir'Estemi).    However, as the climate shifted and Vul'Badir became more arid, humans and elves alike travelled across the Pointed Channel to what is now modern Arcenveld. This event took place 8500 years ago and became known as the Great Migration. Most of Sheanora's human population, especially in Aracia and Arcenveld, can trace its heritage back to this massive movement.    But just 900 years ago, another group of humans from Ysead arrived on the eastern peninsula of Sheanora, which up until that moment was still barren and wild. Starved, exhausted, and forced to fend against the elements in the thick forests of that region, their leader made a desperate plea and signed a deal with a powerful archdevil that would allow his people to survive and even thrive in this new land. That nation became Mephistia.    Humans and their desire to expand their territory has driven much of the trade, cultural exchange and conflict in the Merchant Sea for most of recent history.

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