The nightlife of the Calthas university district is a highlight of the city, and for many of the you students, clerks, apprentices, and socolites it begins at Spirits. The tavern stands from when Calthas was a much smaller settlement in the waning days of the Ursian Empire. The tavern passed down through several generations of the Vingeists until it was run by Wilthener Vingeist and his family. During this bloody period of Korinthia's history, Calthas was sacked and the Vingeists slaughtered. But a family so tied to their land would not be kept silent. Before long the town's survivors reported strange sightings around the tavern and investigations found the spirits of the Vingeists had returned to keep the taps flowing at the bar.   The tavern has stayed open ever since, staffed by its spectral owners who have adapted surprisingly well to unlife. Wilthener and his wife Boca have kept the busy running strong, with their daughters Mariacron and Nain. Nain is the vision of her mother, a reflection of her Cymrún stock, while Maria takes after her father, displaying traits of their distant Ardian heritage. The one item they have not been able to adjust to is the loss of their youngest child, son Elijah Craig Vingeist, who has never returned.   While the spectral family have maintained the premises throughout the years, and even thrived, they do appear to be confined to the tavern and its immediate environs, so they have often taken on mortal employees to assist them with tasks which may require venturing further affield. Currently they've taken on a youth by the name of George Dickel.  

Drink Up!

Spirits has become is a favourite of the university literati and artists, and a hot spot for tourists to the city. It also happens to serve a wonderful selection of spirits from throughout Anvimar both as is and in custom cocktails.  
Ghostly Encounter
A mixture of Wildewoods Brandy and milk with a sweet vanilla flavour
Mab's Marvel
Absinthe, cherry Bindabelle brandy, fortified Volshkan wine, and rye whiskey. Sure to give faerie visions.
Corpse Reviver
Gin, orange liquers, fresh lemon juice, absinthe, garnished with sweetend cherries.
Executioner's Hood
Brandy, rum, cloves, dark brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, and chicory coffee.
Blood of the Damned
Cymrún whiskey, fortified red wine, tea, orange bitters
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

Cover image: Korinthia by Hex Sharpe


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