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Sluagh is a condition that creates revenant-like individuals, faery who died in unfortunate situations who were lucky-- or unlucky-- enough to become infected in the early stages of decay. Sluagh is the cause of infection of decaying faery by slagworm, a deeply intelligent parasitic creature. Faery infected by sluagh can live close to normal lives, with the unfortunate exceptions of maintaining their bodies and the slugworm host in odd ways as well as sharing their mindspace with their slugworm host. This relationship is similar to that of a warlock and their patron, with the difference being that slagworms possess no magic outside the bodies of their hosts.


First, of course, comes death. Slagworm cannot conquer a living host. They must take over the bodies of freshly-dead faery, and even then, it is a long shot that they will succeed in taking over the minds and bodies of their faery hosts. If a faery died in a particularly unfortunate way and wishes to come back, the process can be easier. However, if a faery is too strong-willed, it can be difficult for a slagworm to maintain enough control to rebuild the body, leading to quicker decay and a lesser chance of success.


There is some level of rot present, depending on how quickly the slagworm is capable of raising its host; levels of decay impact the functionality of the host body, although the mind of the host is nearly always held perfectly intact. Sluagh patients tend to crave a peculiar diet of rot-- ranging from recently spoiled fruit and vegetables to maggot-infested meat. They also tend to eat a particular variety of poisonous mushroom, one that is often eaten by pre-host slagworm.


Sluagh individuals suffer from a condition akin to a hivemind; they are responsible for not only themselves, but also the livelihood of the parasitic slagworm inhabiting them.

Cultural Reception

Sluagh is treated as an unfortunate and unlucky condition; generally, those with it are somewhat feared or subject to their peers' disgust, although this treatment varies widely depending on the Court or tribes.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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