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Tracking Overlay

The Tracking Overlay is a series of systems that combine to allow beacons, monitoring stations and large settlements to track airship traffic. Tracking Overlays and their implementation across the known world of Anira have allowed streamlined trade between nations, although many changes remain with regards to navigating the more dangerous inter-continent expanses.


The Broadcast Crystal attuned to the Tracking Overlay sends out a signal that is received and resonated by Transiting Crystals on vessels within range. In turn, the Transiting Crystals convey telemetry regarding the ship, which is displayed on the Tracking Overlay as miniature scale versions of the ships. The Broadcast Crystals refreshes its signal at regular intervals, allowing the Tracking Overlay to display constant updates of ship positions. Controllers can then use spells like Sending or Message to communicate with ships individually, to maintain separation between ships.

Access & Availability
Tracking Overlays are readily available technology, though prohibitively expensive for the layperson. Organisations and nations use it to track their airspace, while some larger cruise vessels and galleons may have them installed to help them navigate tighter airspaces.
In order to work, the Tracking Overlay requires a map of the general area that has been imbued with a specific incantation,a Broadcast Crystal of sufficient size, and air traffic equipped with Transiting Crystals .

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