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Skybound Sojourn Session I: Grin And Bear It

General Summary

In Skyharbour, Ati'ya Fhice is given the assignment to pick up the last component of his airship, the Sigfried, from the village of Aunteree. In order to do so, he recruits four people to join his crew: Bibina Astabarri, Grilmor Bromgurn, Qila and Jynn O'val.   In addition to this mission, Fhice is also assigned to pick up a mysterious 'B3' and bring them back to Skyharbour.   With limited funds in tow, the party decide to take a propelled carriage to Aunteree from Skyharbour.   Upon arrival in Aunteree, the party find B3 and find out that he is a bear (specifically, Beartholomew B. Bearington III, Esquire. Seemingly unfazed, the party next attempts to retrieve the generator component, but catches a party of bandits attempting to make off with the generator. The party successfully defeat the three of the four bandits encountered, while one runs off in horror into night.   With the final component of the ship acquired, the Sigfried is now capable of short trips to the neighbouring kingdoms, allowing the crew to embark on better missions.

Rewards Granted

Staggered experience based on the amount of participation.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • - Retrieve the skiff generator from Aunteree
  • - Find B3 and return B3 to Skyharbour

Character(s) interacted with


Welp, almost got a good crew going at this stage. What's next? There may be summons waiting back for them at Skyharbour.

Skybound Sojourn - Pineapple Breeze
Jynn O'val
Grilmor Bromgurn
Bibina Astabarri
Beartholomew B. Bearington III, Esquire
Ati'ya Fhice
Report Date
06 Dec 2018
Primary Location

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