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Angaran Expansion Project

WD 1 - CE 2820

Created by

The angara from Bioware's Mass Effect: Andromeda are a fascinating race. However, our meeting with them takes place so quickly and during such a complex series of events that there would have been a lot of confusion and missing information... Where were we? Right. This is an attempt to straighten out and add to our knowledge of the angara, particularly in regards to their biology.   Most information is canon-compliant, with the conflicts clearly explained. If you have your own headcanons about angara that are different, or if you prefer the canon exactly as presented in the game, please enjoy peaceably.   As I, MyrddinDerwydd, have continued working with the angara and other fans, the potential of this project is starting to expand beyond what the Tumblr blog and the Archive of Our Own pages can reasonably handle. Much of the information here was originally presented in those sources, and will remain updated there in simpler format.  
This World is nested within the broader Mass Effect universe created by Bioware, all rights to that material reserved. Screenshots and other images are created by me unless otherwise stated.