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The world of the Winterglass & Thorne fantasy novel series
For millennia, the fae have been abducting humans to be their minstrels, their midwives, their lovers. They never expected them to stay...

Many of Earth's cultures have a concept of "Fairyland", or of distant magical places that can only be found in certain circumstances. What if they were all the same place?   Andlang is a parallel dimension inhabited by fae and faerie-like creatures from Earth's folklore: elves, sidhe, peris, kitsune, yakshas, fauns, patupaiarehe... the list is almost endless! Andlang gets its name from the Prose Edda (a scholarly work written in 13th century Iceland by Snorri Sturluson), since my books are mostly set in the country inhabited by Norse elves: the ljosalfar and svartalfar.