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Learn the Lore of Kingdoms Four:   The Sky World, far above   The Fairy Land, close at hand   The Home we know and love   The Realm Below, where all souls go   When life comes to an end   Know the roads to each abode   Their signs, and their portents
  • Ison Siranox's Little Book of Knowledge
  • Welcome to Anacra, official campaign setting of Casters & Castles! From the highest peaks of the cloud fortress of Terranimbus to the infernal pits of the Underworld, adventure and danger call. Will you answer?   Learn more about Anacra   Watch Casters & Castles   Follow us on Twitter   Join our Discord Community   There was a time, long ago, when dreams and wishes really could come true. Under the gentle guidance of the four Elemental Sovereigns, the world filled with light and wonder, bending itself to match the thoughts and hopes of its creatures. Heroes and gods imagined palaces of crystal and gardens of music, and they became real. Lovers set the sky ablaze with a thousand colors of light. It was the Dawn, and in that time of beauty and truth, anything was possible.   Until the Infernals came.   Legions of greedy, cruel tyrants poured into Anacra from the Hungry Dark, colonizing Anacra, crushing its children, tearing away their stories and works. By treachery and violence they shattered Luminias, the City of Light. It seemed no force would stop them or their terrible general, Uzhul, Lord of Destruction.   Then the doors of the Silent City swung open, and the dragons of the World Before poured out. By their wrath the Infernals fell, driven into hiding, their fiendish armies crushed. But the Sovereigns knew others would be drawn to Anacra's Light. Together they wove the threads of the Dawn into a the Four Kingdoms--Sky Kingdom, Mortal World, Oherworld, and Underworld. Folded in on each other in a protective shell, the new world would be protected from the ravages of the Hungry Dark. But the Light of Dawn was now bound up in creation. Now new creatures would be born, formed of the elements, and it is in the hands of these Mortals that the future of Anacra now lies.