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Adventurer... adventurer... wake up!   ...   No, no, you are not dead. You can still feel pain, yes? Oh, that looks pretty bad. Don't worry, you will get help. The locals are very friendly.   ...   What locals? Oh, you will find out soon enough. You will be living there for a while. They need your help. This whole world needs your help. If you help, then you can go back.   ...   Yes, back to your life. As if you had never died... or almost died. Just find the guild. Join it. The rest will be made clear. Oh and Adventurer... good luck.
The seven gods of Ammolae are in a pickle. The race of their realm, the Latueon, is unable to conquer the wilderness. They are stuck and trapped in their capital city. The gods have reached out to the dying adventurers from other realms and are borrowing them, bringing them to Ammolae, to the town center of Prism, the city of rainbows. They offer new life to those who help this world.


Several thousands of years ago, Ammolae was watched over two Gods Shadow and Light. Shadow had created the shadow and a few races that thrived on the dark. Light had created the light and a few races that thrived in the light. The people grew in culture, technology, and number until the two Gods began to war against each other. Shadow shattered Light, destroying all of civilization, leaving a few shadow races that were unable to grow past their infancy like kobolds, goblins, trolls, and more.
Two hundred years ago, the pieces of Light pulled themselves together to form the Seven Gods of the Rainbow. Each a different color. These Gods decided to create one race that should rule the world and remove the abandoned creatures of Shadow. They pooled their might together and created a race, but they could not agree upon the characteristics of their race. The race they created was the Latueon. A healthy race with one major flaw, they lacked ingenuity and imagination to create their own technology and their own advancement. The first generation was nearly all whipped out as they attempted to expand their kingdom. For many years, the Latueon have been limited to their city of Prism that the gods created for them.
Now, the gods are helping them once more by borrowing the strong, the brave, the smart from other universes.

Prism, the City of Rainbows

Prism in the center of this world. It is where the Seven have provided safety and peace... as much peace as one can get crammed together between walls. It is divided into districts that focus around temples to the different gods. People devoted to a certain god will only live within that district. Rainbows, or Latueon that are not devoted to a god, live in any district without trouble.
The city is run by a council that seats a member from each district and seven members from the Guild. Rules in Prism are closely followed, Latueon have little imagination in how to break them so law breakers are easily seen and quickly dealt with. Serious infractions are met with banishment, which is a death sentence for nearly any Latueon.
Prism has many shops, stalls, temples, taverns, and back alleyways. It is where most Adventurers rest between harrowing tasks they have picked up from the Guild.


The painted people of the rainbow, Latueon, are a unique race crafted by the Seven. They appear humanoid with different colors of skin from pale to ebony. Their skin has pigment that rises to the surface in bright colors. When they are born, they express a rainbow of colors depending on their mood. When they devote themselves to a God, their coloring changes to that of their chosen diety. They also adapt personality traits similar to that God.
On a whole, they are hard working, go-getting people. Their biggest flaw, and the reason Adventurers are brought into their world, is that they do not have the imagination or ingenuity to adapt, overcome, and survive. They have to be shown.


The guild is the main resource of Adventurers. They provide lodging, employment, medical care, and most other needs of those who have traveled from other universes to this plane. It is headed by the Council of 7, 7 Adventurers chosen by the Seven. The guild has very loose rules as it is populated by many different people with different outlooks on right and wrong. Guild buildings are safe zones for all, this means no fighting, no stealing, no harm to those on guild grounds. The Guild is only as good as it's reputation, it will quickly drop a member if that member is causing them trouble with the Latueon.