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Voidseeker, god of reincarnation

Little is known of the void seeker, other than he guards over the process of reincarnation, and has a hatred of the eldritch. The god communicates only with people it needs to, appearing in the chosen creatures vision to them and them alone, being immune to things such as true-sight. The voidseeker is one of the children born from Gaia and the Void's affair, and remains to be the most mysterious of all the gods. Despite having few followers, the void seeker remains to be one of the strongest gods available. The voidseeker has a friendly relationship with the god of the forge, Mazer, who was an ally to the god during the eldritch crisis.   After Mazer ascended to his throne with the voidseekers help, the god gifted the voidseeker a temple of his own, something the god had never had. Because of this, scholars and mages come to the temples made by the forge god to attempt to commune with the voidseeker, much to the gods annoyance. Some warlocks, whose hearts are pure, may be chosen by the voidseeker, where he will offer to be their patron, granting them the powers of the void, or simply granting life domain clerics his blessing.   The voidseeker has no tenants or holy books, instead blessing the works of other humanoids that create books that speak of the void, the eldritch, life, and reincarnation, making his favored book unnaturally durable, sometimes adding new, black text to help readers understand things within the books. The followers of the voidseeker are not forced to wear any certain garbs, but prefer to wear black robes and a large antlered mask, with six eyes adorning the mask, three to each side. The temples of the voidseeker are made of simple stone brick, with elegant black and purple carpets and banners adorning the out and inside of the building, with a large symbol of the voidseeker, which consist of a black circle with six piercing white eyes peering from the center.


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