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Faylene Margrove

Her feet dances nimbly over the deck, catching herself as the ship swayed in the churning waters. The blade of the scimitar sliced at her throat another at her waist, catching nothing as the crossing strike left the privateer vulnerable. Her leg, coiled, released with fantastic speed. The glaive pierced through the air, impaling her adversary. His arms went limp, trembling as they released the blades that showed signs of wear. Confidently, Faylene pushed the corpse off of point with her boot, the body slumping to the deck. Thick brown hair, braided down her back, whipped around as Faylene finished her appraisal. "Seize the ship," she commanded in her stalwart voice. While her face failed to show the jubilence of victory, her heart raced with the immense satisfaction.   A captain of her ship, the Leaning Scrag, for no more than four years. She bares the fangs of ambition, building a legacy that will continue across oceans and the world. She has spent her years sailing the Foe's Ocean, making occasional port at Aktitas. Never has she yearned to return to her home of Yorges, nor to remember the name that she left behind. Her children are a distant memory, left to provide for themselves so that she could find a life of her own. Her husband's death cemented that resolve. Unfliching, she looks to the horizon to keep her mind occupied.   Now, she leads more than one hundred pirates, seeking treasure and glory. While skilled with speech, she is more skilled with the blade. She will gladly take your ship rather than your money or listen to your pleading causes. Never has she lamented in her choices to seek her own gain. Surrounded by trusted allies, many of whom owe her their lives, Faylene Margrove fosters her unyielding appetite.


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