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"Children born are expected to be a forging of parents. Respectively, the child is presumed to be a new being, void of knowledge, and without feeling of right and wrong. But on occasion, a child is born that contradicts that claim. As though candle wick has been relit, the child gains its bearing. This phenomenon has been called Artenihd (eyes reflection).   Artenihd is not something that is predicted or even expected. For many, it is more a blight on the parents. But, the condition is far more complicated than simply the behavior of a gifted child. For the child afflicted with Artenihd, there appears to be a push and pull. These children may look themselves in the mirror and be shocked at what they see. There are records of children aged three who cry when they look in the mirror, stare for hours at the image, and constantly probe their faces. The child afflicted with Artenihd typically settles after some time, the phenomena associated with the condition seemingly removed. This has led some to consider Artenihd as simply the incoherence between the personality of the child and image thereof. More radical assumptions believe (correctly) that it is the conflict between a new sovereign (soul) and a lost sovereign (restored life) that have been forced into a single parallel (body). While it is not known what causes this, the fact that the condition diminishes over time suggests that the inheritor (new soul) or the delegate (visitor) cannot coinhabit the single system.   The current working theory for Artenihd is that lost memories have been implanted in an adolescent. This may have occurred serendipitously, but eventually those memories erode or are simply refused.   While death is not typical of Artenihd, some have noted the dour sentimentality of those with the condition. The depression may last years, resulting in a lack of appetite, muteness, and spontaneous outbursts.   Only a handful of subjects have been able to relate accounts of their experiences, noting that "they remember believing that the person in the mirror was wrong." or "it felt like my whole body was fighting with me or something else inside me." These suggest very real evidence that supports the theory of two entities, one fitting conventional thoughts about a new child and one seemingly having previously passed. What is unclear is how the body determines which will remain."   Artenihd is the false tethering of two sovereign (souls) into a single parallel. While the essence used to construct a parallel will typically stem from the parents, tethers may occasionally interfere, resulting in the capturing of deceased individuals into the newborn. Thus, the newborn will inhabit the parallel with the other being. Through the cohabitation, memories, feelings, and or other behaviors may be imprinted on the newborn. In time, the newborn body rejects the deceased and the deceased is relegated to Wandering. However, the newborn may struggle with their identity, discriminating between new and past memories, or even understanding and speaking languages.

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