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Amma Adohis The cursed Kingdoms

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This shall be my playground for all the weird stuff i have up my sleeves. So lets get real.       The Kingdom Amma Adohi was until some years back a war-torn mess. And after a coup detat peace just kinda happened. After the new king was crowned things started to look better. But thanks to the political pressure many places are suffering from not getting help soon enough.   Many of the races have lands to call their own but in Amma Adohi it is a giant boiling pot full of cultural mixtures and old ruins next to newly built villages. Forgotten tombs might even be under whole towns for all the scholars know.     One such place is the town of Socanth. The mighty dwarven wall might have protected it from orc marauders. The city guard might hold a candle against the criminal activity. The people might enjoy some prosperity thanks to the sturdy houses.   But an evil is growing inside those walls. A deadly cult grows unwatched. And a plague might decimate the populace once again.  
Welcome to the cursed kingdom of Amma Adohi.

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