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The First Project: "To Dance With the Wind and Skies"

The melodies and harmonies simultaneously arise from a single instrument, and although they can't tell which one it is, the people of the dance floor don't care about that. It's the most beautiful music they've ever heard, and all the worries of tomorrow and the burdens that they carry on their shoulders melt away as if they had never happened. They dance ferociously, not a care in the world about the people next to them as the music ramps up. It's out of control now, the quarter notes feel like thirty-second notes and the feet of the dancers become entwined with the music. Their thoughts become as jumbled as the harmonies and melodies that were whole just a minute ago, but now are indiscernible. Hours fly by like seconds and as the music somehow gets faster, the minds of the dancers are numb and not a single thought can be found within. One by one, the dancers fall to the floor like flies, either unconscious or dead.    That is how Dansez was the most dangerous instrument created.


  Emitian ore, when it was first mined, was perplexing to most folk. When miners carried it out of the mountain one windy day, they could hear singing and what they swore were notes on the C-major scale. Upon further investigation, it was clear that when disturbance in the air was created, such as blowing on it, music was made.   Obviously, the leader of Les Artistes at the time, Evelyn Roche, seized the opportunity to make instruments out of this curious metal. She pioneered the first set of projects when they dubbed it "Project 1- To Dance with the Wind and Skies". She hoped to participate in Amitia's many projects to come and wanted the other districts to also participate.


Flutelike in structure, Dansez was easy to learn and quickly became a beginner's instrument.


After a reported hundred people died and many more injured from dancing to Dansez's music, the leader of Les Artistes at the time took it upon herself to remove every trace of Dansez instruments. She warned the other two districts of the powerful effects Dansez would have if played, as well as the potential power of Emetian ore. People rejoiced, as they would no longer go to parties petrified that they might dance themselves to death.   She gathered every Dansez instrument known to Les Artistes and placed them in a remote area. She set the instruments on fire --not the brightest decision-- and watched as they melted back into Emitian ore. After several seconds of this, her face of triumph quickly morphed into horror as she listened.   It was like she was setting fire to a hundred different people instead of instruments. The metal wailed and let out hundreds of bloodcurdling screams. The hair raised on her neck as she, inexplicably, stepped into the blaze herself and melted with them.   Neither Evelyn Roche nor Dansez instruments were ever seen again. Today, Dansez tales exist only in the deep archives from the History district, only to be accessed by bored archivists looking for anything to entertain themselves.
"I have never seen people die as mysteriously as this or dance as dedicated as so. The accounts from survivors are fascinating yet disturbing. I will do everything in my power to rid this district from this chilling phenomon."
— Evelyn Roche, former leader of Les Artistes
"The music was tantalizing, the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard coming from one instrument. My mind could not concieve of stress or anxiety, it could only comprehend happiness and bliss. Why, I would give away my life to listen to that instrument play once again."
— An account from a survivor of Dansez
The inventors of this instrument were a large group of innovators from Les Artistes.
Access & Availability
Dansez has been destroyed for centuries.
When the first Emetian ore was mined, its effects were astounding. To any person who carried it, great bliss could be achieved only by blowing onto its surface. It was no surprise when Les Artistes used the metal to create flute-like instruments that made on-lookers sway as soon as the music reached their ears. It was an easy to play and, therefore, a popular instrument whose notes and melodies would cast a trance on audiences.

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