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Where It All Began

With the divinity of The Light Mother and the serenity of The Night Mother, a new realm was born. This realm in the center of The Cosmos would house the seeds of the future.
With power from the 4 Elemental Planes, magic from The Faerie, night from The Lightless, souls from The Hells and light from The Peaks, The Mothers created the two Seeds of Divinity and Serenity, and planted each in the newly awakening realm for them to grow together into a new world.
This world would be named Lurra-Hazia.
Soon after the departure of The Mothers to their respective realms for an eons-long slumber, the creatures of Good and Evil stormed The Ethereal to acquire the power of the new infant earth.
And thus, Dear Reader, began The Planar Wars.

The Mothers' Hands


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