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Dardendrian Tribe

Riding on the back's of sand lizards, the dragonborn of the Dardendrian tribe cut down almost anyone—or anything—that isn't of draconic origin. Their leader, Zandaku Dardendrian, is driving his tribe to a goal, though it is unclear what he is seeking to gain.

Public Agenda

To control the lands in Aurelia known as the Contal Mountains, as far as anyone else in the region could tell you.


No one knows of the Dardendrian Tribe's history other than the dragonborn themselves. Some suspect they were always in the mountains but never ventured out, while others say they remain within the blazing landscape to protect something that may be valuable to outsiders.

Demography and Population

The Contal Mountains, hundreds to thousands (no one who has ever seen where the Dardendrian Tribe is situated has lived to tell about it).

Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
The Dragonborn of the Mountains
Contal Mountains

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