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Ancient Human texts state that the world was a formless void seeped in shadow and was home to horrors that couldn't be imagined. Humanity endured for an unknown time. During that time, light appeared and fought against the shadows, and land began to form into hills, seas, forests, and mountains.   Those same texts claim that Humans were the original species to go forth and establish homes across the now sun-bathed world. Some time before recorded years, they encountered the Dwarves; a short, stout, but tough people who loved to turn mountains and stones into their homes. Together, the two began to carve out safe lands, molding the earth into more habitable ecosystems. This harmony was shaken when rifts opened and from them came the Elves, a slender, graceful race of humanoids that claimed they were seeking new lands after a terrible devastation nearly brought them to extinction. Although relations struggled and sometimes brought forth violence, the three species slowly learned to to work in tandem with one another.   However, it was not long after this alliance before the beating of wings were carried over fields and the roars of mysterious monsters echoed through mountains. Without warning, fierce serpents descended from the clouds, flew up out of the sea, and burst forth from rock, threatening all civilization. Human villages, dwarven fortresses, and elven forests were burned, flooded, and frozen by the monstrous breath of these horrible creatures. The world called them Dragons, and their reign seemed unstoppable.   Recognizing that no one would survive if the Dragon's destruction didn't cease, the species came together to stop the sky serpents. Hunting parties were formed to face them, but their successes were few and far between, for it was discovered that the Dragon's were far more intelligent than mere rabid wolves. The war with these monstrosities continued for centuries, until the Elves came forth with a plan, a plan not born of weapons or might, but of alchemy and the mind. They asked the best of all the hunters to find the lairs of Dragons and sneak upon them while they slumbered. One by one, the hunters infected the Dragons with what the Elves called the Draconic Phage. After a few successful infections spread over two centuries, the Elves told the other species to endure, and that over time the Dragons would be no more.   Human kingdoms rose and fell as they migrated and struggled. The Dwarves burrowed deep underground and formed hideaways that the Dragon's couldn't possibly enter. The Elves claimed distant sanctuaries hidden by tress, mountains, and seas. As time moved on, the Dragon attacks were fewer and fewer. The serpents gave birth to deformed, weak children who could not survive. They dwindled in size and power. Nearly a millennia passed before the Dragons could live again, but not as they were. Instead, the Dragonborn came to replace them, a bipedal race of dragonoid creatures, some of whom still carried forms of power, albeit weaker, resembling their ancestors. Rightfully robbed of their strength, many Dragonborn clans formed in the deep wilderness and pillaged any that weren't of their own kind.   With the threat of extinction extinguished for the time, the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves divided the lands between them once again. The Elves, making distinctions between those that love nature and bustling innovation respectively, became divided. Wood elves remained in secluded wilderness, carving out territory for their kind and only their kind, while High elves stepped out into the wider world and sought its knowledge to strengthen their people in any way they could. The Dwarves, having dominance over massive tunnel systems and mountain ranges, became two people; those who preferred the sunlight and presence of other species, and those who remained underground, steadfast in their pursuit of rich ore and unyielding discipline. The Humans, ever the chaotic people, continued to explore the world, establishing settlements anywhere they could, for both better and worse.   In this flourishing time, other species came to be. Tall and intimidating humanoids known as Goliaths bonded with the Dwarves, eager to seek homes in rugged lands where deadly challenges awaited them. Halfings, small humanoids who sometimes are too hospitable, bonded with the others, integrating themselves into societies not of their own making. Gnomes, a strange amalgamation of Humans and Elves, preferred to remain distant yet close, just far enough away to watch but close enough to help when needed. Horned humanoids known as Tieflings, who were nomadic in nature, found small sanctuaries between those of the other species. More are discovered every day, each with their own desires.   It is today that all of these species and more thrive, clash, rejoice, and cry together. Ancient ruins built before recorded time are discovered and explored. Cities are built in extravagant places and yet fall to tyrants. Monsters scour the lands and are slain by heroes. Factions form and disperse as they strive to alter history. Kingdoms are built and destroyed. Legends rise and fall.   Some say all is right in the world.   Others believe that another extinction is looming.   This is the world of Amarra.