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Contal Mountains

A mountain range that breaks down the middle of Aurelia's northern edge, the lands within and surrounding it are notorious for their desert landscape, blazing heat, and horrible monstrosities. A dwarven city named Petricoria lies along the border with numerous villages and settlements surrounding it, all of them intent on mining the rich metals out of the earth that the mountains provide. The dwarves aren't the only creatures in the mountains, however. A clan of fire-breathing dragonborn who call themselves Dardendrian have lived in these mountains for as long as anyone can tell, and are consistently at war with the dwarves over territorial control. To make matters worse, fire giants and yuan-ti roam these mountains, making enemies out of all factions. Both warriors seeking to test their mettle and make good coin, and merchants seeking to strike it rich through the dwarve's ore, venture to Petricoria, though not all make it.


Mountains, cliff-faces, dunes, tunnels, valleys, oasises.
Mountain range
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