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  Amaranthia is a large planet that is made of 8 large continents.The planet has been described as a little larger than earth, with days being roughly the same amount of time and the Amaranthian year being a bit longer then the average earth year. This is a very magical world with a plot revolving around the politics of the world.   The continents on this world each house one of the main countries that drive the world froward. The 6 countries are represented by the elements of Light, Shadow, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The countries have different economic systems, ideals and general ways of life.  
  • Cindrellia
- The country represented by the element of fire and is primarily run by a long line of queens under the title of Moondust. The country is separated into 30 different states run by individual fiefdoms. This kingdom has the highest population, large cities, and is the most technologically advanced.
  • Schiatten
- The country represented by the element of Shadow. A kingdom with a common theme of rebuilding itself stronger as time passes, run by a line of strong highly magically inclined kings with equally powerful queens. This country has a complex history with a very militaristic society. They value purity of blood and strong magic over all else. This kingdom spent some time conquered before a king from a thought to be lost blood line brought it back to the forefront of history.
  • Verlux
- The country represented by the element of Light. This kingdom is the smallest of all the kingdoms having a small population and the least land, they tend to value extravagance over practicality. This Kingdom is run by an Oligarchy with a knowledge obsessed line of kings used as figureheads.
  • Salovia
- The country represented by the element of Water. This is a moderately sized country with a good amount of technology though most of the citizens live in smaller villages. The ruling lineage is a line of wolf queens under the title of Stardust.
  • Idario
- The country represented by the element of Earth. This country has the largest land mass and the least incorporated society. Most of the citizens live in small villages or solitary. They are ruled by a savage and large branching family with turbulent policy and throne placement. With citizens caring mostly about practicality.
  • Aishonia
- The country represented by the element of Air. The most unusual continent as it is a large floating land mass that travels around the world roughly 3 miles above the ground. The ruling line being a fierce dragon people, they hold traditions and traditional values to high esteem.

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